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Cuba: Health, Wellness and Community Care
November 29, 2013 - December 09, 2013
Total Cost: $1575 plus airfare
Total due: November 01, 2013
Deposit: $150
Deposit due: October 01, 2013
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This delegation will travel to both rural and urban areas of Cuba to assess the impact of the U.S. embargo on various sectors of Cuban society, with a special focus on health care and community services. Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss the dynamics of Cuban society with people from all walks of life, sharing in their struggles and successes. By talking with Cubans and being immersed in their culture, you will gain a unique understanding of US policy toward this neighboring country.

Trip Highlights:

  • Meet with Cubans and hear first-hand about the impact of the U.S. embargo on everyday life.
  • Learn about Cuban national priorities, such as universal health care and education.
  • Visit health care clinics; learn about preventative health care practices, alternative therapies, and food security.
  • Visit the Latin America School of Medicine and other professional training programs.
  • Meet with mental health and human service professionals.
  • Experience the beauty and richness of Cuban arts and culture.
  • Uncover the realities behind historic U.S. perceptions of Cuba.

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This is a legally licensed People-to-People delegation, which will offer a full-time schedule of educational exchange activities that will result in meaningful interaction between the travelers and individuals in Cuba.

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For more information about this delegation, please contact:
Delegation Coordinator
Lyn Clark Pegg
(218) 348-3048