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Mexico: Free Trade, Monsanto and the Midwest - Building Food Justice and Fair Trade Solidarity Across Borders
January 10, 2014 - January 19, 2014
Total Cost: $999 plus airfare
Total due: December 15, 2013
Deposit: $150
Deposit due: December 01, 2013
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Witness firsthand the impacts of free trade on Mexican communities through the voices of small farmers, indigenous villagers, and women entrepreneurs. Learn from the inspiring work of community leaders advocating for food sovereignty, labor rights, and environmental protection in the face of NAFTA. Understand how free trade and big agribusiness affect communities, the environment, jobs, migration, and food systems on both sides of the border...and join our partners in Mexico and the US in solidarity for change.

  • Learn about the impact of NAFTA and likely ramifications of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) on Mexican farmers, workers, and environments.
  • Learn how “free trade” and globalization relate to the migration of Mexicans and Central Americans to the United States.
  • Stay with families whose communities have been affected by the invasion of agri-corporations and subsidized commodities from the US.
  • Meet with community leaders and organizations who are creating alternative ways to feed themselves. See rural and urban projects that provide alternatives to migration.
  • Learn about the history and resistance of indigenous communities in Oaxaca.
  • Develop strategies to act in solidarity with the Mexican people and immigrants in the US to create more just trade policies that protect workers and the environment on both sides of the border.

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