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Nicaragua: Advocacy and Social Change in Context of Globalization
March 09, 2013 - March 19, 2013
Total Cost: $1050 plus airfare
Total due: February 01, 2013
Deposit: $150
Deposit due: January 15, 2013
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Globalization has brought economic, political, and social change to communities all over the world. This delegation provides delegates with an opportunity to explore how the lives of Nicaraguans have been affected by globalization and to learn how communities organize and advocate for their rights and interests. Communities strive to realize the benefits of the changing economy while at the same time protecting their values, cultures, and traditions. Delegates will have the opportunity to meet with many people from different sectors of society, including workers, farmers, cooperative leaders, health care workers, scholars and activists. The delegates will learn about the current economic crisis and the impact of free trade agreements, privatization, and IMF-imposed structural adjustments. Delegates will experience rural alternative development projects while on a home stay. 

What to Expect:

  • Gain knowledge of ways US policy affects migration patterns
  • Conversations with organizers of maquila (garment assembly factory) workers;
  • A tour of maquila factories in a Free Trade Zone outside of Managua;
  • Rural homestays and meetings with community organizers in a community outside of Esteli directly impacted by globalization;
  • Meetings with tobacco factory workers in Esteli;
  • Seminars with economists and sociologists;
  • Sessions with women’s groups, students, and teachers;
  • Meetings with business leaders, government officials and U.S. embassy personnel;
  • Seminars with environmental organizations devoted to sustainable development and environmental practices;
  • Visits to fair trade cooperatives; and
  • Discuss ways to act in solidarity with people from Central America and immigrants here in the US.
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For more information about this delegation, please contact:
Delegation Coordinator
Elise Roberts
Delegation Coordinator
Jim Dimock