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Action Alerts

We stand in solidarity with our neighbors in Latin America by boldly taking action to change U.S. policies and corporate practices.  Thank you for standing up for peace and justice by responding to the action alerts below.

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Take Action
Tell the State Department: We Demand Justice for Berta Cáceres, and Protection for Witness Gustavo Castro
Last week, Berta Caceres, Honduran indigenous Lenca leader who fought for the preservation of Lenca natural and ancestral resources, was tragically murdered. Take action to demand justice, and protection for a witness to her murder, Gustavo Castro.
Fast Track Vote in the Senate THIS WEEK (probably Tuesday): Call Your Senator NOW to Stop "Free Trade" Monster TPP!
(Español adentro.) The Senate is voting THIS WEEK (probably Tuesday) on NAFTA expansion! Call your senator, via the Capitol Switchboard, at 202-224-3121 NOW to tell him/her to vote NO on Fast Track for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)!
Port Workers' Union in Colombia Demands Justice: Hold U.S. Policymakers Accountable to Labor Action Plan Promises
The Black Lives Matter movement has resonated with the Port Workers' Union in Colombia, as they continue to demand justice for a predominately Afro-Colombian work force. Answer the Union's call for international solidarity as they demand that their employers respect labor rights./El movimiento Black Lives Matter (Las Vidas de l@s Afro Importan) ha resonado con la Unión Portuaria en Colombia, ya que el sindicato sigue exigiendo la justicia para una fuerza laboral mayormente afrocolombiana. Responde al llamado de la Unión para la solidaridad internacional mientras exige que sus empleadores respeten los derechos laborales.
In the wake of Carlos' murder, stand up for justice in Honduras
Last month, Carlos Mejia Orellana was killed in his home. He was a part of the team at Radio Progreso - a radio station in El Progreso, Yoro, Honduras. Join us in protesting this senseless murder and take action now to protect human rights defenders in Honduras.
Send words of encouragement for a newly formed Colombian peace community
In Colombia's largest port of Buenaventura, displacement, extortion, and brutal murders have reached a fever pitch. But La Playita took a brave stand against fear and violence. Send them a message of support!
Adelante! Peace with Justice for ALL Colombians
Now is your chance to tell Washington to support peace in Colombia. Join thousands from across the United States in a National Day of Action for Peace in Colombia by contacting your representatives in Washington to call for peace and economic justice.
National Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia
Colombia's faith communities stand firmly for peace amidst grueling violence. Now they ask your faith community to join them through the National Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia.
On NAFTA's 20th Anniversary, Stop Free Trade Expansion
The TPP could be the most dangerous FTA to date. Stand with workers, families, indigenous groups, and local producers around the world, and ask your legislators to oppose Fast Track authority for the TPP.
Defend a Mexican Community's Rights to Say No to Mining/Defienda los Derechos de un Pueblo Mexicano para Rechazar la Minería
Urge U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Anthony Wayne to stand up for the Oaxacan town of Magdalena Teitipac in their struggle for self-determination./Exija al Embajador de EE.UU. a Mexico, Anthony Wayne, que defienda al pueblo oaxaqueño, Magdalena Teitipac, en su lucha por la autodeterminación.
Colombian Unionist Murdered: Urge the Department of Labor to Demand Justice and Protections./Sindicalista Colombiano Asesinado: Exija al Departamento de Trabajo que Demande la Justicia y las Protecciones.
Colombian trade unionist Oscar Lopez was murdered on November 9, after his union received a death threat from paramilitaries. Urge the Department of Labor to pressure for justice and protections!/El sindicalista colombiano Óscar López fue asesinado el 9 de noviembre, después de que su sindicato recibió una amenaza de muerte por paramilitares. ¡Exija al Departamento de Trabajo de EE.UU. que presione por la justicia y la protección!
Stand up for human rights in Honduras
Since the June 2009 coup d’état in Honduras, criminalization of human rights defenders in the country has dramatically escalated. The situation in the indigenous community of Río Blanco is particularly concerning. Click here to take action to stand up for human rights.
We Can Stop "NAFTA on Steroids" by Stopping Fast Track: Contact Your Rep./Podemos Parar "el TLCAN con Esteroides" por Parar Fast Track: Contacte a su Representante.
The equation is simple: if we stop Fast Track, it will be virtually impossible for the "NAFTA on Steroids" Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement to be approved. If Fast Track is granted, it will be extremely difficult to stop the TPP. Contact your Representative now!/La equación es sencilla: si paramos el proceso Fast Track (Vía Rápida), será prácticamente imposible aprobarse el Tratado Trans-Pacífico (TPP, por sus siglas en inglés), alias "el TLCAN con esteroides." Si se concede Fast Track, será muy difícil parar el TPP. ¡Contacte a su representante ahora!
Take action to protect key Colombian peace leader and WFP partner./Tome acción para proteger a un líder clave del movimiento colombiano por la paz y un contraparte del APP.
Ricardo Esquivia, a renowned Colombian human rights lawyer, peace advocate, religious leader and a great friend to Witness for Peace, will be arrested by the military on false charges of being a guerrilla if we don't stop it./Ricardo Esquivia, un reconocido abogado colombiano de derechos humanos, persona clave en el movimiento por la paz, líder religioso y un gran amigo de Witness for Peace, será detenido por los militares bajo falsas acusaciones de pertenecer a la guerrilla si no actuamos.
Solidarity with Indigenous Honduran Activists: Tell The U.S. Government to Respect Rights/Solidaridad con Activistas Indigenas de Honduras: Digale al Gobierno de EUA que Respete los Derechos
On September 10th and 11th, people across the country and the world are standing in solidarity with indigenous communities in Honduras. Tell the U.S. government to pressure the Honduran government to uphold universally guaranteed rights to free speech and assembly established by the United Nations.
Take Action to Protect WFP and Other Accompaniers in Honduras!/¡Actúe para Proteger a APP y Otr@s Acompañantes en Honduras!
On July 25th, 2013, two international human rights accompaniers were kidnapped and threatened for two and a half hours by armed guards in Nueva Esperanza, Honduras. Tell the U.S. Embassy in Honduras and the State Department that they must be vocal in support of accompaniers in Honduras, and take steps to ensure that their work is not undermined./El 25 de julio del 2013 dos acompañantes internacionales de derechos humanos fueron secuestrad@s y amenazad@s por dos horas y media por guardias armados en Nueva Esperanza, Honduras. Dígales a la Embajada de EE.UU. en Honduras y al Departamento de Estado de EE.UU que hagan claro su apoyo a l@s acompañantes en Honduras, y que tomen medidas para asegurarse de que el trabajo l@s acompañante no se vea socavado.
Mexican Environmental Activist Murdered. U.S. Embassy: Speak Out./Activista Ambientalista Mexicano Asesinado: Embajada de EE.UU: Hable Claro.
Environmental activist Noe Vazquez Ortiz was stoned to death by unidentified individuals in his hometown of Amatlan de los Reyes in the Mexican state of Veracruz, with no response from the U.S. Embassy in Mexico. Tell the U.S. Embassy in Mexico to support justice for these crimes, and promote steps that will protect, not victimize, activists like Noé./El activista ambientalista Noé Vázquez Ortiz fue asesinado a pedradas por sujetos de identidad desconocida en su pueblo natal de Amatlán de los Reyes, en el estado mexicano de Veracruz, sin respuesta alguna de la embajada estadounidense en México. Dígale a la embajada estadounidense en México que insista en la justicia para estos crímenes, y que promueva medidas que protejan, y no victimicen, a activistas como Noé.
Act Now to Stop a Community's Eviction in Colombia/Actúe Ahora para Empedir el Desalojo de Una Comunidad en Colombia
On July 8th, 2013, the already twice-displaced community of Pitalito en Cesar province, Colombia, received word that the mayor had ordered their eviction. Take action now to prevent the third displacement of Pitalito./El 8 de julio del 2013, Pitalito, una comunidad que ya se había desplazada dos veces, en el departamento de Cesar, Colombia, recibió la noticia que el alcalde había ordenado su desalojo. Actúe ahora para impedir el tercer desplazamiento de Pitalito.
Human Rights Defender Killed by Honduran Army/Defensor de Derechos Humanos Asesinado por el Ejército Hondureño
Tomas Garcia was participating in a peaceful mobilization against a hydroelectric dam on the morning of July 15, 2013, when he was shot and killed by members of the Honduran army. Take action now to contact the US Embassy in Honduras./Tomás García estaba participando en una movilización pacífica en contra de una presa hidroeléctrica en la mañana del 15 de julio, 2013, cuando fue asesinado a tiros por miembros del ejército hondureño. Tome acción ahora: póngase en contacto con la Embajada de EE.UU. en Honduras.
Congress: Defeat These Unjust Immigration Bills./Congreso: Derrote Estos Proyectos de Ley Sobre Inmigración Injustos
Join Witness for Peace in standing up for immigrant rights and justice, and send a message to your Representative to vote against several bills that would push the final immigration bill in the vastly wrong direction./Unáse a Acción Permanente por la Paz para seguir defendiendo los derechos de y la justicia para l@s inmigrantes: envíe un mensaje a su Representante para que vote en contra de varios proyectos de ley que llevarían la reforma migratoria comprehensiva en una dirección muy equivocada.
Stop Repression of Small-Scale Farmers in Colombia/Pare la Represión de Campesin@s en Colombia
Small-scale farmers peacefully protesting in northern Colombia have been met with violent repression from state security forces. Tell the U.S. Embassy and Congress to urge the Colombian government to stop the repression and listen to these farmers' proposals!