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Witness for Peace-Upper Midwest

Delegates from the Upper Midwest with port workers in Buenaventura, Colombia

Witness for Peace – Upper Midwest works at the grassroots level to promote awareness and activism regarding U.S. policies in Latin America through delegations, speaker tours, and local events and actions.  With our partners in Latin America, we seek to build peace, justice, and sustainable economies for all people.

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Fall 2015 Speaker Tour!
Afro-Indigenous Hondurans in Resistance: U.S. Drug War, Violent Displacement, and Migration
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Meet your Regional Organizer
Learn about Elise Roberts, our Upper-Midwest Regional Organizer
Upcoming Delegation to Cuba: Past, Present, and Future
Travel with Omar to Cuba from September 13 - 23, 2015!
Upcoming Delegation to Cuba: Race, Gender, and Identity
Travel with Elise to Cuba from November 28th - December 8th, 2015!
Upcoming Delegation to Cuba: Education, Arts, and Culture
Travel with Dixie to Cuba from January 10th - 20th, 2016
My Colombia Experience
Beth DuMez, a recent delegate to Colombia, shares her story
Informal Economies: Reflections from a recent delegation to Nicaragua.
Marcia Brox reflects on her recent delegation to Nicaragua, "Free Trade and the Roots of Migration"
Women Leading the Way to Justice and Peace
Amy Price on her recent delegation to Colombia, focused on "Women Leading the Way to Peace and Justice"