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Witness for Peace Mid-Atlantic, a long-standing regional chapter of WFP, strives to educate and mobilize the Mid-Atlantic grassroots on US policies that thwart justice and peace in Latin America. The region includes NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, and DC.  

Get to Know Your Rep

Click for a snapshot of your representative’s Latin-America-relevant votes.

Fall Speaker Tour 2013: Gaby Martínez Castillo (Jesuit Migrant Service)/Gira de Ponente 2013: Gaby Martínez Castillo (Servicio Jesuita a Migrantes)
Gaby Martínez Castillo of Jesuit Migrant Service: "We Are All Migrants: Central Americans in Search of the American Dream"/Gaby Martínez Castillo de Servicio Jesuita a Migrantes: "Tod@s Somos Migrantes: Centroamerican@s en Busca del Sueño Americano"
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No More Broken Hearts
About 50 large, heart-shaped sculptures popped up around Washington, DC with messages about Colombia. The $800,000 public relations stunt aimed to push forward the stalled Colombia free trade agreement. In response, we launched some stunts of our own.
Faces of Witness: Alejandro Alvarez
Meet Alejandro Alvarez, a Mid-Atlantic WFPer, a student organizer on Latin America issues, a bilingual editor, and an all-around good guy.