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Witness for Peace delegations examine the post-coup human rights crisis through meetings with organizations and individuals from a wide sector of Honduran society, including:

  • organizations that focus on disappeared persons and human rights violations, including the Center for the Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture and the Committee of Family Members of the Detained and Disappeared in Honduras;
  • women’s rights organizations like the Collective of Feminist University Women;
  • business leaders and the Honduran Council of Private Business;
  • leaders of the GLBT movement;
  • journalists;
  • labor unions, including the Union of Workers of the National Autonomous University of Honduras.

Delegations also travel outside of the capital to meet with communities that have been faced with repression by the military or police forces. 

International Work Opportunities
Join the WFP International Team and work for positive changes in U.S. policy, North-South relationships, and the global economy.
Support #JusticeForBerta--NEW BILL to Stop U.S. "Security" Aid to Honduras!--& WFP Accompaniment in Honduras/Apoye la #JusticiaParaBerta--NUEVO PROYECTO DE LEY para Parar la Ayuda de "Seguridad" Estadounidense a Honduras--y el Acompañamiento de APP en Honduras
We're committed to justice for Berta, General Coordinator of COPINH, and a leading Honduran activist. We're also committed to changing US policy in Honduras, on the issues that Berta fought for, and in solidarity with Honduran social movements.
Support WFP Accompaniment in Honduras
Witness for Peace is part of an international effort to provide continuous human rights accompaniment in the wake of the tragic assassinations of Berta Cáceres and Nelson García--both members of WFP Honduran partner organization COPINH (The Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras). Witness for Peace hopes to support an ongoing 2-3 person team in Honduras throughout 2016, along with coordinating three larger delegations of US accompaniers and delegates.