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In the Media

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In the Media
Op-Ed: 55 Years Is Enough
by Dana BrownOtherWords
WFP Executive Director Dana Brown pens an op-ed outlining why a majority of Americans agree the Cuban embargo should end.
The Dark Side of Development in Colombia
Check out the great new article in NACLA by WfP's Colombia team on violence in Buenaventura
The Border Patrol’s Out-of-Control Growth
by Todd MillerOtherWords
October 30th, 2013
The Border Patrol is the largest U.S. federal law enforcement agency. Its 60,000 agents make our border forces more than double the size of Ecuador’s army. Some policymakers want even more militarization of the border, with $46 billion included in the immigration reform bill the Senate passed in June.
Exporting Unrest to Colombia
Op-ed in Other Words by WFP Colombia Team Member Jeanine Legato. The South American country's recently enacted free-trade deal with the United States is devastating for its farmers.
Activists protest World Bank on Honduras paramilitary funding
On the anniversary of the Honduran coup, Witness for Peace and School of the Americas Watch protest World Bank loans to the Dinant Corporation, widely considered to be a principal contributor to the violence in Honduras' Bajo Aguán region.