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Delegations to Colombia

Colombia has endured decades of brutal armed conflict.  U.S. involvement has exacerbated internal disputes, leading to gross human rights violations and creating one of the world´s largest humanitarian crises.  Since Plan Colombia was undertaken in 2000, the United States has sent $7 billion to Colombia - mostly in counter narcotics and military aid.  But instead of reducing coca production or bringing peace, Plan Colombia only subjected the population to more violence. 

Witness for Peace delegates see the effects of U.S. policy firsthand, learning about positive alternatives from communities at the frontlines of misguided and inhumane approaches to stopping drug trafficking.  Delegates witness the effects of U.S. military aid and aerial fumigations while gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to advocate against Plan Colombia and for investment in Colombian people.

Witness for Peace introduces delegates to the people who have been most personally affected by the economic and political realities of the country, including:

•    Afro Colombian leader

•    Indigenous communities;
•    Women leaders;
•    Rural agricultural workers;
•    Labor leaders;
•    Human rights defenders;
•    Drug war experts;
•    Leading NGO representatives;
•    Colombian and U.S. state officials.

Safety on Delegations

The safety of our delegates is our number one priority. Since taking our first Colombia delegation in January 2001, hundreds of people have safely traveled with us to this troubled yet spectacular country. Nevertheless, all participants must be aware that travel to Colombia has some inherent risks. For this reason, we require all delegates to follow a strict security protocol at all times while in Colombia. For more information on safety, contact Delegations Coordinator Ken Crowley through email or by calling 202-423-3402.