Witness for Peace supports a NAFTA replacement prioritizing people and the environment: we demand a fair trade deal that’s respectful of human rights!

Countdown to NAFTA renegotiations on August 16th, 2017








Tell the President and Congress that NAFTA must be replaced with a deal that benefits working people and healthy communities, not just corporate elites.

Tuesday, July 18th the Trump administration published a document on its NAFTA renegotiation objectives. Under the 2015 Fast Track law, the administration must publish “a detailed and comprehensive summary” of its specific negotiating objectives 30 days before formally beginning trade talks.

In addition to protesting the free trade agreement, the “20 Years of NAFTA is Enough” march in Mexico City in Feb. 2014 also protested the privatizing, neoliberal “reforms” of the U.S.-backed Peña Nieto administration, with banners bearing images of Mexican Revolutionary leader Emiliano Zapata and messages like “Pemex is not for sale” and “Teachers and the public united will never be defeated” lining the sidewalks.

Members of the National Coordinating Committee for the Plan de Ayala Movement march. Their International Campaign for Liberty and Justice includes demands for fair pay for workers, respect for the natural resources of small towns, and the release of political prisoners. They have joined with other small-scale farming organizations to demand that corn and beans be left out of NAFTA’s agricultural chapter.

In the February 2014 march against 20 years of NAFTA, representatives of the Authentic Labor Front carried a sign that read “20 years of an economic and social nightmare…20 years of exploitation, theft, and plunder…enough is enough! No more NAFTA—no to the TPP! No to the Energy Reform, no to structural reforms!”

The international delegation from the Multisector Tri-national Forum, made up of citizens from Mexico, the U.S., Canada, and  Quebec, marched through downtown Mexico City in the February 2014 march against 20 years of NAFTA. Representatives were present from labor unions, women’s organizations, and small-scale farming, environmental and human rights groups.

The February 2014 “20 Years of NAFTA is Enough” march culminated with an awe-inspiring gathering of thousands of protesters in Mexico City’s Constitution Square.

Institute for Policy Studies: Lessons from NAFTA for the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Two decades of high costs for Mexico’s agriculture, economy, families, and environment

Trade flows, US exports & FDI to Mexico, and trade deficit under NAFTA


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Congressional statements on Trump Administration NAFTA renegotiation objectives

“…There continues to be a complete lack of clarity or specificity, suggesting the Administration may not even know what it wants in a new NAFTA. And in other areas, the objectives reveal an approach to trade negotiations that looks like the same, conventional approach taken in previous trade agreements – suggesting that the “new” NAFTA might not be new at all. The gravest concern, however, raised by today’s summary is that the Administration is seeking to modernize NAFTA without any plan for how it will create jobs, raise living standards, and help hardworking, middle-class families in America…”

Congressman Richard E. Neal (D)

First Congressional District of Massachusetts

“…But today’s negotiating objectives reads like President Trump is only seeking to bevel the edges of a trade pact in need of an overhaul. In fact, it looks as if he wants to take the contents of the TPP, a deal he rejected in his first week in office, and call it NAFTA – We need real change in our trade agreements, but the Trump Administration seems more interested in selling American workers a bill of goods while they pursue policies that protect the status quo.”

Congressman Bill Pascrell (D)

9th District of New Jersey, Trade Subcommittee Ranking Member Pascrell

“On the campaign trail, President Trump promised on ‘day one’ to make NAFTA ‘much better.’ But, after seven months, the negotiating objectives released today fall short of the campaign rhetoric. NAFTA cannot simply be tweaked around the edges, it must be fundamentally redone. Since entering into NAFTA, the US has lost over 910,000 jobs.”

“Yet, the objectives released today are vague on critical policies that are central to reducing the trade deficit and keep good paying jobs here in America, while leaving the door open for more of the same corporate-drafted provisions from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. For House Democrats, replicating the TPP is a non-starter.”

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D)

3rd District of Connecticut

“This negotiation is too important for the public to be kept in the dark or for the Administration to be starting out at the lowest common denominator on critical issues.  Before sitting down with Canada and Mexico, I expect the Administration to update this summary, shine some daylight on its negotiations, and set the bar high for American workers, businesses and farmers, as it promised it would.”

Senator Ron Wyden (D)

Oregon, Ranking Member Ron Wyden