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Join the Witness for Peace (WFP) Honduras Program for a two-year term of service. International Program volunteers produce documentation of the impacts of U.S. policies and corporate practices, such as articles/blog posts, fact sheets, short videos, and action alerts. Documentation work focuses on the impacts of U.S. policies, such as military and police aid, free trade agreements and investments by U.S. actors. International Program staff also design and plan participatory, experiential educational programs of 10-14 days, which help visiting groups from the U.S. understand and see first-hand the impact of U.S. policies in the region, while also learning about the on-going and multiple strategies of resistance carried out by WFP’s partners in Honduras. Staff accompany groups during these delegations, which motivate delegates to return to the U.S. to participate in campaigns that work for policy changes in these areas, while strengthening cross-border solidarity networks.

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Honduras IT Job Description

Honduras IT Application

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