International Work Opportunities: Join the WFP Honduras-Nicaragua Team!UPDATE: Join the WFP International Team and work for positive changes in U.S. policy, North-South relationships, and the global economy. Position starting early summer, open in Honduras/Nicaragua: ..Read More
WFP is Top Rated
Witness for Peace Honored as a Top-Rated CharityWitness for Peace is proud to be acknowledged as an excellent steward of our donors' contributions and included in a list of the most respected charities in the United States.Read More
From the Field
People Transforming Policy BlogCheck out the Witness for Peace blog to read up to the minute posts from staff based across the Americas and here at home.Read More
Travel to Cuba
WFP Message on Cuba, Delegation Report-Back, Full Delegation Schedule, Grassroots UpdatesClick here for a message on Cuba, policy actions you can take now to defeat the unjust embargo of Cuba, a Cuba delegation report-back, a full schedule of WFP delegations for 2015 (as of April 2015), ..Read More
Caught amid conflict and police aggression, Colombia’s Cauca is in crisisJulia Duranti of the WFP Colombia Team examines the crisis of violence by armed actors Colombia's Cauca department (i.e. state) finds itself. Read More
On 1st Anniversary, Puente Nayero Humanitarian Space Inspires Nonviolent Resistance in Buenaventura, ColombiaThe WFP Colombia Team's Lisa Taylor details the example that the Humanitarian Space of Puente Nayero has been, at one year of existence, for the entire world.Read More
As Colombia ends controversial fumigations, civil society calls for reevaluation of drug war tacticsThe WFP Colombia Team's Ali Rosenblatt finds that while the call to suspend aerial fumigation by Colombian President Santos is a step in the right direction, questions remain about the overall ..Read More

Explore how U.S. economic policies contribute to poverty in one of the hemisphere's poorest countries.
Learn first-hand how U.S. trade policy and corporate practices affect people in Mexico and contribute to immigration.
WFP is consulting with a licensed travel provider to host legal research trips to Cuba.
Stand with Colomb-
ians as they build peace and justice despite harmful U.S. military aid and drug eradication.
Probe the reality behind the rhetoric about Venezuela and learn about U.S. policy in this oil-rich country.
Witness the role of U.S. policy after Bolivia's return to indigenous rule for the first time in 500 years.