Faith Communities

Faith communities have been a central and driving force behind Witness for Peace since its founding in 1983. During the 1980s Witness for Peace established an ongoing presence in war zones, sending U.S. citizens to document the “human face” of the Reagan Administration’s military policy. Having heard God’s call to put their faith into action for their neighbors, many people of faith and conscience from across the U.S. have traveled to Nicaragua to bear witness for the impacts of U.S. policy.

Currently, our International Programs are based in Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, and Honduras. We document the human costs of unethical trade and military policy, educate and inspire U.S. citizens who travel with us to our sites, and mobilize a grassroots network of nonviolent activists, many who are faith-based, who hold policymakers accountable and work for changed U.S. foreign policy towards Latin America.

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Witnessing in Latin America

Witness for Peace regularly organizes delegations geared towards the particular interests of faith communities. These delegations focus on the local faith community’s understanding of God’s call, and allow time for internal spiritual reflection and shared worship. If you would like more information on our delegations program or would like to discuss a potential delegation, please contact our National Delegations Office at or 773-669-6501