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Mexico: Resisting Economic and State Repression

April 3 - April 13

Total Cost: $1,350 plus airfare and visa fee————Total Due: March 3, 2018

Deposit: $150—————————————————–Deposit and Application Due: February 3, 2018

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Join us in Mexico for a Witness for Peace delegation April 2018!

The Mexican government has been opening up to foreign investment and transnational corporations for several decades with the signing of the ​North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA​) in 1994 as a neoliberal milestone. Since then, additional constitutional reforms have been introduced with considerable controversy, especially President Peña Nieto’s 2013 series that included the Education Reform. In NAFTA’s case, the agreement has had devastating effects on the Mexican countryside: small farming is no longer viable, subsidies are almost nonexistent and communal lands are up for sale. This situation remains 23 years later on top of increasing megaproject concessions that destroy the environment, off-shore profits and engage in systematic human rights abuses. In this light, many have had no other choice but to migrate to the United States as a result of economic violence.

The U.S. government plays a significant role through ​free trade policies​, support for privatization and transnational businesses, ​the drug war​ and billions of dollars in militarized aid. As long as Mexico is “open for business,” it seems the U.S. and the Mexican governments have much to gain from the abuses committed against the Mexican people and land.

Participants on this delegation will:

● Learn about the effects of NAFTA over the past 23 years, particularly within the context of small farmers and communities affected by megaprojects.

● Listen to first-hand accounts of state sanctioned violent repression of indigenous and rural communities in the name of the drug war and privatization; learn how militarization fuels migration.

● Learn about alternative systems to free trade: social movements, cooperatives, and Mexico’s history of resilience to neoliberal policies.

● Meet with indigenous communities and small-scale farmers defending their land.

● Meet human rights activists and community leaders who struggle for dignity and justice.

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For more information, contact delegation coordinator:
Kris Hannigan Luther at kris@witnessforpeace.org or (208)-771-3527 / Lyn Pegg at carolynpegg@yahoo.com


April 3
April 13
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