Witness for Peace delegations contextualize the ongoing post-coup human rights crisis through meetings with organizations and individuals from across Honduran society, including:

  • Organizations that focus on disappeared persons
  • Human rights defenders
  • Indigenous rights organizations, including representatives of the Lenca and Garifuna communities, among others
  • Women’s rights organizations
  • Social justice movements
  • Organizations dedicated to combatting the epidemic of urban violence and impunity
  • Business leaders
  • Agricultural collectives
  • Leaders of the LGBTQ movement
  • Journalists and media organizations
  • Religious leaders
  • Labor unions

Delegations travel throughout the country to meet with communities that have faced repression by U.S.-trained and funded military and police forces.

Upcoming Delegations to Honduras

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Take Action to Protect Honduran Workers

In April, Delta Apparel - a US-based company - fired 40 workers with crippling musculoskeletal injuries from their factory in Honduras. There was outrage, and Delta agreed to reinstate them, but with conditions that violate Honduran labor laws. Please insist that the...

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