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Bringing the Land and People Together in Mexico

by Mickey Foley (originally published on April 18, 2016 on the Land Stewardship Project website) On day two of our trip, we visited EDUCA (which stands for the Spanish equivalent of "Services for an Alternative Education"), an NGO located in Oaxaca City. It was housed...

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The Making of an Immigrant Ally: a Delegation to Mexico

by Sarah Aldridge   At the beginning of my summer vacation, from May 12th - 21st, I traveled with a delegation from Appalachian State University to Oaxaca City, Oaxaca, Mexico, to study U.S. and Mexican immigration policies, and the effects that these policies have on...

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Questions from Cuba–guest post by Emma Tai

Witness for Peace is grateful to Emma Tai for contributing this post to the WFP blog. Emma lives in Chicago, where she works as a community organizer and researcher. She participated in the Sustainable Communities delegation to Cuba with Witness for Peace in May 2014....

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Crossing borders: my experience of the effects of trade policy through the eyes of returned migrants in Teotitlán del Valle | Cruzado fronteras: mi experiencia con los efectos de la política de comercio a través del punto de vista de migrantes en Teotitlán del Valle

By: Adrienne Calotta I think I attended the Roots of Migration Delegation to Oaxaca, Mexico at the perfect time.  Since my return to the US at the end of February, there has been a decent amount of media coverage regarding many different aspects of immigration.  One...

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Seeds of Sovereignty

By: Nina Schwartzman, delegate to Oaxaca, Mexico What would it take for a US city or region to ban genetically-modified (GM) seeds from their community? To say that they prefer their traditional seeds to the commercial ones offered them? To grow the food that they...

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