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Padre Melo speaks: The Price of Truth: Honduran Civil Rights Since the Coup

December 9th, 2013

In October, Padre Melo, one of Honduras's foremost human rights defenders, presented to over 1,000 people in New England. Now, you can view his talk, thanks to our partners at Greenfield Community College, and the Traprock Center for Peace and Justice. Take this opportunity to hear a clear analysis of the reality of Honduras today. And get to know an amazing human being!
See the video here: YoutubePadreMelo

Cuban Popular Educator Toured New England in October 2015
Arial Dacal Diaz, a Cuban popular educator, toured New England in October 2015.
Indigenous Solidarity Reaches Across Borders
On February 7, 2013, USET, an intertribal organization comprised of federally-recognized tribes on the east coast of the United States from the Micmacs in Maine to the Miccosukee Tribe of Florida,* passed a resolution to stand in peaceful solidarity with Colombia’s Indigenous. Click the link above to read the whole article.
Good News from Vermont Migrant Farmworker Solidarity Project!
Congratulations to our friends at Vermont Migrant Farmworker Solidarity Project, who send this good news for immigrant rights!
Upcoming Delegations
Click here for upcoming delegations organized by Witness for Peace - New England region.
Our Violent U.S.: A Christian Perspective
The Reverend Jennifer Phillips, Episcopal Chaplain at the University of Rhode Island, and Pastor of St. Augustine's Church, gives us this perspective.
Another Year of Living Violently
On January 8th, a man, armed by NRA-backed laws and fueled by right-wing rhetoric, shot and killed 6 people and wounded 13 others with a semiautomatic handgun in Arizona. Less than three weeks later, Utah's House of Representatives responded by passing a bill naming the Browning-designed M1911 semi-automatic handgun the official state gun.
American Friends Service Committee report
An enlightening summary of our tax dollars at work, from our friends at the American Friends Service Committee.