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Take Action

Tell the State Department: We Demand Justice for Berta Cáceres, and Protection for Witness Gustavo Castro
Last week, Berta Caceres, Honduran indigenous Lenca leader who fought for the preservation of Lenca natural and ancestral resources, was tragically murdered. Take action to demand justice, and protection for a witness to her murder, Gustavo Castro.
National Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia
Colombia's faith communities stand firmly for peace amidst grueling violence. Now they ask your faith community to join them through the National Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia.
Stand up for human rights in Honduras
Since the June 2009 coup d’état in Honduras, criminalization of human rights defenders in the country has dramatically escalated. The situation in the indigenous community of Río Blanco is particularly concerning. Click here to take action to stand up for human rights.
Honduras Solidarity Action Toolkit and Resources
June 2012 marked the three year anniversary of the Honduran coup. Over those three years, the Honduran people have endured unacceptable levels of political repression. WFP has created a Honduras Solidarity Action Toolkit to help you organize solidarity actions in your community.
Colombian activist featured on PBS coming to the Great Lakes this fall
Francia Marquez, an Afro-Colombian activist featured on PBS, will visit the Great Lakes states of IL, IN, OH and MI from October 29 to November 14. Contact Witness for Peace to host her in your community.
Take Action for Human Rights in Honduras!
In the three years since the military coup, the Honduran people have suffered a catastrophic level of violence and repression. Yet many Hondurans valiantly stand up against injustice and rampant impunity in their country. Stand with them now by taking action!
Urgent Action: DEA involved in Honduras massacre
On May 11 the DEA participated in a drug raid with Honduran police that left at least four civilians dead, including two pregnant women. Please join us in demanding an investigation and prosecution of those responsible for these murders.
Set the record straight on Obama's trip to Colombia
The press coverage of President Obama's recent trip Colombia for the Summit of the Americas was very one-sided. Now you can help set the record straight in just a minute by sending a letter to the editor through the WFP online action center.
Take Action to Speak Out Against Death Threats
Honduran journalist Gilda Carolina Silvestrucchi has received multiple death threats for her reporting. You can help by sending a message today.
Call Congress: National Day of Action for Colombia
Call Congress to demand U.S. policy toward Colombia that promotes peace, economic justice and human rights.
Victory for Martha!
Five years ago, members of the U.S.-backed Colombian army killed Jose Giraldo, an innocent farmer. His daughter Martha risked her life seeking justice. Her risk has finally paid off.
Secretary of State Clinton: Protect Human Rights and Halt Funding for Killers in Colombia
Witness for Peace calls on the State Department to suspend all military assistance to the Colombian armed forces.
Letter to the U.S. Ambassador to Colombia: Close the SOA
The Colombia-based Witness for Peace International Team delivered an open letter urging the U.S. Ambassador to Colombia to advocate for the closure of the School of the Americas.
Tell Congress to Stop Displacing Colombians
Nearly 5 million Colombians have been displaced. Yet, our government continues to send more in military aid than in humanitarian aid to Colombia, assisting the perpetrators more than the victims. Help us inundate Congress with calls and emails for policies that would alleviate, not exacerbate, Colombia's crisis.
Tell Obama: Don't Support Human Rights Abusers
Ask President Obama to continue suspending U.S. Military Aid to the Honduran security forces accused of widespread human rights violations.
Open Letter: Restore Civil Liberties and Protect Human Rights in Honduras
Witness for Peace joins other faith-based and nongovernmental groups in calling for an end to the human rights crisis in Honduras.