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Travel Delegations

Honduras Rapid Response Delegation
Join Witness for Peace on a delegation to Honduras September 5-12. Bear witness to the alarming human rights situation, show international solidarity with the Honduran social movements, and push the U.S. government to fully revoke support for the coup-plotters.
Bolivia Travel Delegation Schedule
Witness the role of U.S. policy after Bolivia's return to indigenous rule for the first time in 500 years.
Mexico Delegation Schedule
Investigate the roots of migration through first-hand testimony from those who flee military and economic violence.
Nicaragua Delegation Schedule
Explore how U.S. economic policies contribute to poverty in one of the hemisphere's poorest countries.
Venezuela Travel Delegation Schedule
Probe the reality behind the rhetoric about Venezuela and learn about U.S. policy in this oil-rich country.
Mexico Travel Delegation Schedule
Learn first-hand how U.S. trade policy and corporate practices affect people in Mexico and contribute to immigration.
Cuba Travel Delegation Schedule
Find out about President Bush's travel ban & how that has affected Cuban-American families.
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