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Interview: Change Colombia Can Believe In
Carlos Quiroz interviews our organizer Ben Beachy across from the White House during the April 20 Rally for Colombia's Displaced. Get the 10-minute synopsis of what we're calling on Obama to change in US policy towards Colombia.
Freddy on Free Trade: An Interview with Our Speaker
Get an insider's insight on the FTA! Just before embarking on our October tour, Freddy Caicedo, Colombian human rights defender, took time to respond to several questions about the still-looming Colombia Free Trade Agreement.
Free Trade Hits the Big Screen: Battle in Seattle
Check out our review of "Battle in Seattle," a big-screen flick that whirls through five intense days of the 1999 World Trade Organization protests in Seattle.
Book Review: Empire's Workshop
Get the scoop on Greg Gandin's new book--"Empire's Workshop: Latin America, the United States, and the Rise of the New Imperialism." Gandin outlines how the US's hegemonic history in U.S. prepped the superpower for its current endeavors in the Middle East. Barry Stoner, Steering Committee member, offers his informed take.
Faith in Action: Main Line Unitarian Church
The Latin America Task Force of Philly’s Main Line Unitarian Church has long been a WFP supporter. Here the coordinators explain one way that the group fulfills its faith through meaningful action.
Reflection on WFP's 25th Anniversary Celebration in D.C.
2008 marked WFP's 25th anniversary. To commemorate, activists from across the Mid-Atlantic descended on DC for a conference in June. Serafina Youngdahl Lombardi, Steering Committee member, reflects on why she went and what she took away.
Video: The Oaxaca Crisis and the Roots of Migration
Watch Miguel Vasquez, a dynamic educator from Oaxaca, Mexico, spell out the roots of escalating immigration and crisis in his home state. The presentation is one of 63 that Miguel delivered on our historically successful Fall 2007 speaker tour.