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Take Action

Immigration Reform Has Never Been More Urgent
As immigrant families in Alabama flee the state and Congress approves a new free trade agreement, the time to act is now.
Celebrate Victory: Pedro is Home
Please take a moment to welcome Pedro home and congratulate the Guzman family on their work to defend immigrant rights in the face of for-profit detention!
Victory for Martha!
Five years ago, members of the U.S.-backed Colombian army killed Jose Giraldo, an innocent farmer. His daughter Martha risked her life seeking justice. Her risk has finally paid off.
Secretary of State Clinton: Protect Human Rights and Halt Funding for Killers in Colombia
Witness for Peace calls on the State Department to suspend all military assistance to the Colombian armed forces.
Letter to the U.S. Ambassador to Colombia: Close the SOA
The Colombia-based Witness for Peace International Team delivered an open letter urging the U.S. Ambassador to Colombia to advocate for the closure of the School of the Americas.
Migrating Towards Justice in the Mid-Atlantic
Plug into the new campaign on immigration and trade in your neck of the woods!
Tell Congress to Stop Displacing Colombians
Nearly 5 million Colombians have been displaced. Yet, our government continues to send more in military aid than in humanitarian aid to Colombia, assisting the perpetrators more than the victims. Help us inundate Congress with calls and emails for policies that would alleviate, not exacerbate, Colombia's crisis.
Call the State Department: Stop New Political Assassinations in Honduras
The small farmers who are fighting for the rights they gained during Zelaya's government are being brutally attacked. Take Action Today: Don't let the State Department forget that they are supporting murderers and death squads in Honduras. Together, we will keep the pressure on and stand with those who are struggling with their very lives for democracy and justice in Honduras.
Follow WFP on Facebook
Follow Witness for Peace on Facebook and receive updates on breaking news regarding U.S. policy toward Latin America.
Open Letter: Restore Civil Liberties and Protect Human Rights in Honduras
Witness for Peace joins other faith-based and nongovernmental groups in calling for an end to the human rights crisis in Honduras.
Get to Know Your Rep
Where does your representative stand on Cuba, trade, Colombia or the SOA? Click for a telling snapshot of your rep’s Latin-America-relevant votes.
Hundreds Demand a New U.S.-Colombia Policy
On Monday, June 29th, just before President Obama's meeting with Colombian President Uribe, about 200 of us blocked a DC intersection, attracted a horde of media attention, and called for an overhaul of U.S.-Colombia policies.
Flurry of Action for Colombia's Displaced
Thanks to all of you who made this year's Days of Prayer and Action the overwhelmingly positive initiative that it was. Participation was unprecedented in this swelling call for overhauling US policies towards Colombia. Click here for videos and photos of our demonstrations.
Lobbying with Dolls in New York
Watch our friends in Movement for Peace in Colombia (NYC) deliver 1000 paper dolls to Rep. Nita Lowey's office to call for a fundamental shift in US policy. Lowey's staff were so moved that they arranged for MPC to have a subsequent in-person meeting with Lowey herself.
Change Within Reach: 5 Most-Feasible Policy Victories
Thanks to years of organizing, our movement is now within reach of several concrete policy shifts that would constitute major victories. Here are the steps we can take to bring them closer.
Bird-dog for Democracy!
Ever wish the candidates would take a stand on the issues you care about? Ever wish you could make a greater impact than just casting a vote? Well, you can.
Seven Steps to Effective Bird-Dogging
Click here for a quick guide to the seven simple steps of effective bird-dogging, including our three questions to ask your candidates on trade. Also, see how our petition to the candidates on trade and immigration can complement your bird-dogging efforts.
The Mid-Atlantic Big 25
This is your guide to the 25 hottest Mid-Atlantic bird-dogging opportunities of the 2008 elections. We’ve compiled trade-relevant voting records, public statements, and campaign finance sources for candidates running in the region's 25 most strategic congressional districts. Get the inside scoop on your candidates!