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Travel Delegations

Delegation Report: Continuing the Resistance in Honduras
In August 2010, WFPMA traveled to Honduras to learn about the reality of continued struggle against the brutal coup-installed regime.
How Was Your Trip? American Univ. Returns from Colombia
In January of this year, about 15 American University students took off for Colombia on a WFP delegation, heading to the front lines of the fight over the FTA. Here is one student's account of the trip.
Bolivia: The End of the Monroe Doctrine
Just after our November '08 delegation to Bolivia, Tom Driver and Anne Barstow submitted this insightful op-ed to the New York Times. Check it out for a succinct synopsis of our trip, followed by some exemplary trip photos.
Montclair State Does Nica
Montclair State University students reflect on the impact of their delegation to Nicaragua in June.
Corn for Coca: Colombia Delegation Report
See photos, quotes, and articles from this powerful June 2008 delegation focused on the Colombia free trade agreement.
State of Crisis: Oaxaca delegation reportback
See photos and articles from this revealing March 2008 delegation focused on the NAFTA-migration link and Oaxaca's 2006 uprising.