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FACT SHEET: the Winners and Losers of Free Trade Zones
A report on the consequences of DR-CAFTA on Nicaraguan workers.
VIDEOS: Nicaraguan Women's Stories of Migration
October 21st, 2011
Two Witness for Peace documentaries with original footage from the Nicaragua-based International Team.
FACT SHEET: Free Trade and Forced Migration
December 20th, 2010
An overview of how free trade agreements like NAFTA and CAFTA drive immigration to the United States.
VIDEO: Food Insecurity and U.S. Foreign Policy
November 3rd, 2010
A short two-part documentary on food insecurity created by Mike Nuess, a Witness for Peace delegate to Nicaragua.
VIDEO: Witnessing the Effects of U.S. Policy
Witness for Peace production presents "Transforming People, Transforming Policy," a demonstration of the power and potential of joining a WFP delegation.
POLICY ANALYSIS: How CAFTA and Immigration Policy Separate Families
May 21st, 2010
A combination of economic policies promoted by the United States and stringent requirements mean that many families are separated indefinitely.
VIDEO: What About Fair Trade Coffee?
October 23rd, 2009
Watch Nicaraguan coffee farmer Eddy Gutierrez Zavala share his experiences on a Witness for Peace speaker's tour.
DELEGATE ANALYSIS: the Human Faces of Poverty in Nicaragua
September 22nd, 2009
In Nicaragua, delegate Val Fillenwarth met people whose daily lives are affected by U.S. economic policy.
POLICY ANALYSIS: CAFTA Weakens Nicaragua’s Immune System
May 12th, 2009
CAFTA has increased Nicaragua's dependence on the United States. As dozens of textile factories move operations to Asia, tens of thousands of young Nicaraguan mothers find themselves suddenly unemployed and defenseless in the face of a global economic crisis.
March 25th, 2009
A report from the Nicaragua-based International Team.
POLICY ANALYSIS: How Foreign Aid is Used as a Political Tool in Nicaragua
March 17th, 2009
Witness for Peace's Nicaragua-based International Team investigates the Millennium Challenge Corporation.
POLICY ANALYSIS: How CAFTA Creates Impoverished Wage Workers
January 10th, 2009
An account of how U.S. economic policies have failed impoverished Nicaraguans.
POLICY ANALYSIS: A Bankrupt Future - the Human Cost of Nicaragua's Debt
June 8th, 2008
The International Team puts a human face on the complex economic realities of external debt and structural adjustment programs in Nicaragua.
BEHIND THE SEAMS: Maquilas and Development in Nicaragua
June 8th, 2008
An analysis of the labor rights crisis in the maquila industry, using Nicaragua as a case study.
POLICY ANALYSIS: What CAFTA and Free Trade Agreements Really Mean in Nicaragua
April 11th, 2008
From food insecurity to labor exploitation to increased migration, a report on the impacts of CAFTA in Nicaragua.
POLICY ANALYSIS: External Debt in Nicaragua
April 2nd, 2008
A report on Nicaragua's staggering debts - and how the country found itself in this debt crisis.
POLICY ANALYSIS: Swindling the Sick - the IMF Debt Relief Sham
March 26th, 2006
A gift of aid from the IMF translates into a health care crisis in Nicaragua.