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Coca-Cola’s new bottling plant threatens workers’ rights in Colombia
by Lisa TaylorLatin Correspondent
(By Lisa Taylor, WFP Colombia Team) Threatened by illegal armed groups, Colombian union leaders argue that new Coca-Cola bottling plant violates labor rights and imposes an unwanted and unsustainable vision of "development." Amenazados por grupos armados ilegales, dirigentes sindicales en Colombia argumentan que la nueva planta embotelladora de Coca-Cola viola los derechos laborales e impone una visión de "desarrollo" insostenible y no deseada.
Coca Cola Workers in Colombia, 20 Year Temps, & Fighting Back Against Fast Track's More of the Same (John Walsh on Labor Radio)
WFP National Board Chair John Walsh interviewed Daniel Rueda, of the union representing Coca-Cola workers in Colombia, in Spanish and English on Labor Radio. In the same broadcast, he interviewed Robyn Gottlieb of the Oregon Fair Trade Campaign, on the NAFTA-on-steroids Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).//El Presidente de la Junta Directiva Nacional de APP, John Walsh, entrevistó, en español y en inglés, a Daniel Rueda, del sindicato que representa a lxs trabajadorxs de Coca-Cola en Colombia. Otra intrevista sobre el TTP en inglés.
Colombian Autoworker on Hunger Strike: Jorge Parra, Activist of the Week
Take Action News
January 31st, 2013
Frank Hammer speaks with David Shuster of Take Action News about the campaign for justice for injured Colombian GM workers.
Press release--Activists to deliver 76,000 petitions to GM headquarters
76,000 GM Customers and Rights Activists Call for a Just Settlement for Injured Workers. Injured Colombian Worker and Supporters Deliver Petition to GM.
Press Release: Mediation with GM fails, workers re-start hunger strike
In the wake of failed mediation with GM, ASOTRECOL has restarted their hunger strike. Witness for Peace calls on supporters to demand GM return to the negotiating table to reach a just and fair solution.
Ex-GM Workers Suspend Hunger Strike in Colombia
by Dan MolinskiFox Business/Dow Jones Newswires
A small group of former General Motors Co. (GM) employees in Colombia who sewed their mouths shut as part of a three-week hunger strike over a dispute with the auto maker have called off the strike, GM said Thursday. The hunger strike began Aug. 1 in front of the U.S. Embassy in Bogota. The workers claim they were fired from GM's local unit Colmotores more than a year ago due to serious on-the-job injuries sustained while lifting heavy objects and doing repetitive movements on the assembly line and other tasks.
Colombian workers from GM plant continue hunger strike outside US embassy
by Dorian MerinaFree Speech Radio News
In Bogota, Colombia workers from a General Motors plant continue their protest outside the US Embassy. Thirteen current and former workers from GM’s Colmotores plant, launched a hunger strike earlier this month after camping out outside the Embassy for a year. Some have also sewn their mouths shut. The workers say they were dismissed from the factory after being injured on the job. GM denies the claims and says no worker has been dismissed due to health reasons. Colombia remains a dangerous place for workers and labor leaders.
GM workers in Colombia sew mouths shut in protest
by Miriam WellsThe Toronto Star
Nine days into a hunger strike in which he has sewn shut his mouth, Jorge Parra, a former worker for General Motors in Colombia, says his condition is deteriorating. “I have terrible pains in my stomach, my lips are swollen and sore, and I am having problems sleeping,” he says. “But I will not give up.” The 35-year-old is one of a group of men who say they were fired after suffering severe workplace injuries at GM’s Bogota factory, Colmotores, and have taken drastic action to demand compensation.
Will Colombia's protesting workers be heard?
by Shihab RattansiInside Story Americas, Al Jazeera English
At the beginning of this month a group of former General Motors (GM) workers stitched their lips shut and began a hunger strike in the Colombian capital, Bogota. They had already spent over a year outside the US embassy with no success in fighting against what they said was their unfair dismissal. The protestors say GM has fired more than 200 employees after they reported on-the-job injuries, including herniated discs, carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis, at the company's Colombian plant.
Colombian Hunger Strikers Sew Mouths Shut To Protest Firing By General Motors
by Benjamin ReevesInternational Business Times
Outside of the U.S. Embassy in Bogota, Colombia, 13 former General Motors Company (NYSE: GM) employees are staging a hunger strike protest charging worker mistreatment by the company, and seven of those men have sewn their mouths shut. The protesting workers, part of the Association of Injured Workers and Ex-Workers of General Motors Colombia (Asotrecol), assert that they and as many as 200 other employees were fired by GM's Colombian subsidiary GM Colmotores following on-the- job injuries and that the company was responsible for "systemic negligence of the workers' health and well-being."
Martin Sheen Supports Colombian GM Workers
by Witness for Peace
In the wake of yesterday's announcement that ASOTRECOL and GM agreed to a framework for settlement of the workers' claims of illegal firings, Martin Sheen joined rights groups in calling for swift negotiations that meet the workers' demands.
THE HILL: Colombia trade deal doesn't pass the smell test
June 21st, 2011
Witness for Peace is featured "where lawmakers come to blog," the Hill's prominent, inside-the-Beltway Congress Blog.
VENTURA COUNTY STAR: Marchers advocate for workers' rights
May 1st, 2011
Witness for Peace Southwest marks May 1st with media waves.
THE HERALD-SUN: The quest for justice and peace
The focus of the Witness for Peace demonstration was the criminalization and deportation of immigrants.
WINSTON-SALEM JOURNAL: Demonstrators call for immigration reform
April 25th, 2011
The protest was part of the 25th annual Pilgrimage for Justice and Peace, a statewide effort to support human rights for farm workers and undocumented immigrants.
DAILY TAR HEEL: March raises awareness for injustices faced by immigrants
April 24th, 2011
The Pilgrimage for Justice and Peace passes through Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
NEWS 14 CAROLINA: Group makes pilgrimage for immigrant rights
April 22nd, 2011
Demonstrations for immigrant rights and worker equality make the North Carolina evening news.