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October 2010 Newsletter: Pacific Northwest Update

Fall Speakers Tour
Witness for Peace Northwest is proud to welcome Augusto Obregon of Esteli, Nicaragua on our Fall Speakers Tour, Migrating Towards Justice: Stories to Transform People and Policy, October 20th-November 6th. Join us for a unique investigation into the root causes of migration and the impacts of free trade on Nicaragua. Augusto has been a campesino farmer and community leader in El Regadio, Esteli, Nicaragua for over thirty years. Three years ago, a tobacco factory designated as a free trade zone was constructed in his community. While the factory may curtail migration from his community, the increased cultivation of tobacco has threatened food security, the environment and the health of his people. Augusto’s story illustrates the contentions of development under neoliberal trade policies and explores the root causes of migration through the eyes of most affected. He is the vice-president of the Federation for the Integral Development between Farmers, a non-profit organization that organizes small-scale farmers around sustainability projects and food sovereignty issues.

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Delegation Report Backs
From July 12-22nd, 12 delegates from the Northwest Region traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico for a special investigation into the roots causes of migration. The delegation, Roots of Migration: Trade, Privatization, and Resistance explored how neoliberal trade policies effect small-scale farming communities and uplifted voices of resistance working for fair trade, human rights, and immigration reform. Throughout August and September delegates gave presentations in their communities about ways to work for immigrant rights and trade justice.

To view photos from this special delegation please click here.

Upcoming Delegations

  • Building Community Across Borders, November 28th-December 7th. Witness for Peace is excited to collaborate with Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral on their upcoming delegation to Nicaragua.
    To find out more about this delegation please visit
  • Seattle University Law School Delegation to Colombia: Human Rights and Environmental Justice, March 12-21st. Witness for Peace Northwest is excited to work with Seattle University Law School on this special delegation to the Magdalena Region of Colombia. Students will explore the role of multinational corporations in environmental degradation and human rights abuses. For more information please contact delegation coordinator, Colette Cosner,
  • Food Sovereignty Delegation, September 2011, dates TBA. Witness for Peace Northwest is excited to collaborate with the Community Alliance for Global Justice on a food justice delegation to Oaxaca, Mexico. Please contact delegation coordinator, Kristen Kosidowski, for more information or 206.290.3919