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Mennonite Resources for the Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia

Below are links to worship resources available for Mennonites who would like to participate in the Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia. These prayers and sermons are available as samples so please feel free to adapt them for use in your congregation or community.

Sermon by Chet Miller-Eshleman of the Mennonite Central Committee in Cali, Colombia

Ideas for Worship, a suggested service format from Mennonite Central Committee

5 Day Devotional for Peace in Colombia
from Mennonite Central Committee

, a prayer for Colombia

(in English and Spanish)

Salvation in Crossing Over: A gift from Colombia
, a sermon by Janna Hunter-Bowman in Bogotá, Colombia

In addition to praying for peace, your faith community can make the Days of Prayer and Action a success by joining hundreds of groups in creating Hands for Peace artwork and displaying it in public demonstrations across the country. The Hands for Peace will be sent to Colombian communities under threat.