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National Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia

The Colombian government and the FARC, Colombia's largest guerrilla group, have been meeting in peace talks since 2012 and have made significant progress on their 6-point agenda. This is welcome news for those of us who have borne witness to the effects of 50+ years of violence suffered by the people of Colombia.

However, many important questions remain: Which sectors of Colombia are involved in the peace process and will all Colombians benefit from its implementation? We must commit to working together with Colombian civil society so that ALL Colombians, including victims of human rights violations, can meaningfully contribute to creating lasting peace. We must also remain vigilant in ensuring that the peace accords are fully implemented, and that they are not used solely to secure greater foreign investment that puts profit over people--like the 2012 US-Colombia FTA.

That is why we are inviting you to join with us in saying Adelante! Peace with Justice for ALL Colombians, by getting involved in 2014's National Days of Action for Colombia, being held April 5th-7th of this year.

Here’s what you can do this April 5-7 to join in Adelante! Peace with Justice for ALL Colombians!

ADVOCATE: U.S. policy for the last decade has fueled this war. We have been working with our Colombian partners and you to change U.S. policy to make room for peace -- and now we have our chance to drive this message home and demand that our government support the foundation for a just peace. Send a message to your Members of Congress and tell them to support the peace process and move away from military aid!

CREATE: Organize a gathering with your family and friends and host a Paths to Peace craft night. Help us create maps with footprints symbolizing the many paths to peace and what peace means throughout Colombia’s diverse regions. Send messages of hope and support for peace by creating paper doves to symbolize the need for a just and lasting peace for all Colombians. Click here for instructions.

DEMONSTRATE: Organize an Adelante! Peace with Justice for ALL Colombians event. By organizing a public event, you’ll help shed light on the longest-running armed conflict in the Western Hemisphere. With public demonstrations, we’ll expose an invisible crisis and fuel the movement for U.S. policies that would help end—not exacerbate—the civil war in Colombia. Click here for more information.

DEDICATE: Colombia’s faith communities stand firmly for peace amidst grueling violence. Now they ask faith communities across the U.S. to join them in this year's Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia. Hundreds of faith communities will dedicate part of their worship service that weekend to praying and working for peace in Colombia. Click here to learn more about dedicating a worship service to Colombia.

If you would like to see your faith community participate in the
Days of Prayer and Action, please contact
your regional organizer or">Jess Hunter-Bowman at our national headquarters. Additionally, you can download our worship packet here to get lots of different ideas as to how faith communities can support Days of Prayer and Action 2014.