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Paola and Ana Maria Educate Thousands

Why We Migrate: Stories of Mexico's Displaced

Tour Results
Paola's Stirring Speech Interviews

This fall, Paola Gutierrez Galindo and Ana Maria Garcia Arreola, both community organizers from Oaxaca, Mexico, crisscrossed the Mid-Atlantic on a speaker tour to unearth migration's roots.  Through rallies, interviews, lobby visits, and presentation after presentation, they illuminated the role that NAFTA has played in forcing the vast majority of their own family, friends, and neighbors to abandon their community and migrate north. 

Check out this tour slideshow covering everything from standing-room-only events to Paola's inner pool shark.  To show captions, click play, click the expand button, and then click "Show Info." 

Tour Success: The Digits

  • 1,525 total attendees at 34 events—an average of 45 people per event (50% more than last year's tour)
  • 13 lobby visits in Congress to push for TRADE Act sponsorship; 3 targeted representatives signed on shortly thereafter
  • 6 radio and newspaper interviews of Paola and Ana Maria
  • 1 speech to several thousand people at DC immigrants rights rally
  • 125 Roots of Migration videos sold

To kick off the tour, Paola delivered an impassioned roots-of-migration speech to thousands of immigrants and immigrant advocates on the front lawn of the U.S. Capitol building.  In conjunction with International Trade Action Day, Paola's speech called for just trade reform to be paired with the demand for humane immigration reform. The October 13 rally was organized by partners at the National Capital Immigrant Coalition. Click here to watch Paola's speech.

Presentations and Interviews

Watch Paola's full presentation on the roots of migration, recorded at an event in Binghamton, NY.  (Click here for Part 1, and here for Part 2).  Thanks to Wilton Vought of Essential Dissent for recording and posting the video.

Coming Soon: Ana Maria's full presentation

Listen to WAMC's 5-minute interview with Paola on why 90% of her family members have migrated north.   WAMC broadcasted Paola's words across seven states: New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Thanks to Susan Barnett for the interview. 

Escuche una entrevista con Paola sobre lo que hay detrás de las tasas altas de migración de su comunidad en Oaxaca.  La entrevista, de unos doce minutos, es con Hugo Acosta del programa de radio "Hablando con Central New York."

Read an article on Ana Maria and the NAFTA-migration link from El Diario La Prensa, New York City's largest and oldest Spanish-language daily newspaper.  Thanks to Cristina Lobo Guerrero for the article.

Coming Soon: A Pacifica Radio interview with Paola