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Faces of Witness: Alejandro Alvarez

Hello dear WFP colleagues. Many of you I met during the spring retreat in the Poconos, and some I have not yet met, but to all, my best wishes.  I am glad to join you in pursuing a more equal and fraternal U.S. relationship with the world, as global citizens and witnesses, and honored to share a little of my life with you.

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, I departed for the U.S.  soon after high school. Beginning my path in Iowa City, I had the privilege to attend the University of Iowa, where the pursuit of a degree in Communications and International Affairs furthered my academic and activist interest in Latin America. It was a time when many unjust regimes of the south were being unseated, not with the raising of a weapon, but with a megaphone in a given town alley.

Soon after college I moved to New Haven, Connecticut, where my work as a journalist and co-editor for the New Haven Register bilingual publication “Registro” gave me the opportunity to highlight critical information about Latin America for the Hispanic constituencies in the state. I was fortunate also to work alongside brave activists and genuinely committed politicians in pushing forward the immigrant agenda at a time when indiscriminate raids were separating families and impacting communities all over the U.S.

After a valuable tenure with the publication and a better idea of my vocation, I relocated to New York City, where I am currently working towards an M.A. in International Affairs at The New School University, while taking on a myriad of projects related to media, culture and human rights. A very important part of my involvement in broadcasting Latin America issues has been through the Latin America Forum at the New School, where we have been able to bring multiple personalities to speak about the most pressing issues in the region, informing the student and faculty body and fomenting debate. This experience has been gratifying because, as we know, much relevant information lies outside the mainstream media we receive in the U.S.

My connection with WFP was born out of this space, after the noble work of the organization caught my attention and interest.  Last fall the Latin America Forum was pleased to host Freddy Caicedo, the Colombian human rights defender of WFP’s speaker tour, in a provocative on-campus event.  

Let’s stand together as witnesses as we enter a very important phase in Latin America, and demand a long overdue change of U.S. policies.  Una vez más, mis mejores deseos para Acción Permanente por la Paz!