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Flurry of Action for Colombia's Displaced

Thanks to all of you who made this year's Days of Prayer and Action the overwhelmingly positive initiative that it was.  Participation was unprecedented in this swelling call for overhauling US policies towards Colombia.  Check out photos and videos from actions across the country.

Days of Prayer and Action in the Mid-Atlantic

By the Numbers

3223 postcards were distributed to be signed and send to President Obama to call for meaningful policy change

24 faith communities raised awareness of Colombia's displacement crisis and prayed for peace

22 universities, high schools, churches, and groups hosted doll-making parties

5000-6000 dolls were created as a powerful visual representation of the millions of displaced Colombians

2 public demonstrations (DC and NYC) exposed Colombia's invisible crisis, netting media coverage and an in-person meeting with Representative Nita Lowey

Media: Our Rally for Colombia's Displaced outside the White House in DC gained significant media coverage, including this article in El Espectador, a major Colombian newspaper.  For an English article loosely based on the El Espectador article, click here

Check out this snippet from our DC rally, featuring Diana Gomez of Sons and Daughters for Memory and against Impunity:

Other videos of the Rally for Colombia's Displaced in DC (thanks to Travis Wheeler of Latin America Working Group and Carlos Quiroz for the video work):

Kelly Nicholls of US Office on Colombia paints an on-the-ground picture of the displacement crisis.

Oscar of Sons and Daughters for Memory and against Impunity calls for peace in his home country. 

En español: Oscar y Diana, Colombianos viviendo en los EE.UU. que forman parte de Hijos y Hijas por la Memoria y contra la Impunidad, cuentan la historia del crisis en su país de origen. 

Marino Cordoba of the Association of Displaced Afro-Colombians outlines the disproportionate impact that displacement has had on minority groups.  

Ben Beachy, WFP-MA organizer, spells out the changes that we are asking of the Obama Administration in this post-rally interview with Carlos Quiroz. 

Our NYC-based friends in Movement for Peace in Colombia also organized an advocacy action on April 20.  Click here to watch as they deliver 1000 paper dolls to Rep. Nita Lowey's office to call for a fundamental shift in US policy. Lowey's staff were so moved that they arranged for MPC to have a subsequent in-person meeting with Lowey herself.

Snapshots of our DC rally

Over 4000 dolls...over 4 million displaced Colombians

Marino Cordoba, a displaced Colombian himself, tells the crowd his story and calls for renewed efforts to bury the Colombia free trade agreement.

"I represent 1000 displaced persons in Colombia."

Oscar, of Sons and Daughters for Memory and against Impunity, decries the impact of US-funded fumigations on his fellow Colombians and calls for a change in aid priorities.