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Supporting WFP Through Your Church Missions Program

Faith in Action

Robin Hoy

Our church has a terrific system for facilitating our members’ contributions each month to worthy causes such as Witness for Peace--MidAtlantic.  We have a Mission Committee which selects a “Mission of the Month,” which helps to remind members each month of what the Lord requires of us — to “do justice and to love kindness and to walk humbly with our God” (Micah 6.8). 

The mission selections rotate between non-profit, charitable organizations on local, national and global levels, often chosen because various members volunteer for or work for the organizations.  The committee writes a blurb about the organization in the monthly newsletter and church members get 12 separate envelopes for monthly missions in our annual offering envelopes. When possible, the committee will invite someone from the monthly mission to come tell church members about the organization after the worship service at the beginning of the month.  This setup provides a great opportunity to learn about and support a lot of different organizations.  

Last fall our Mission Committee decided that they would like to have Witness for Peace be the December mission of the month, since it is the season to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, and yet we are a nation at war.  The congregation knew of Witness for Peace because I had asked the congregation to sponsor me for a WFP delegation to Haiti in 1996.  When I returned from the delegation, I gave a slide presentation and a Haitian luncheon to the congregation as a way to thank them and to tell about what I had learned.  I reported again to them when I returned from a second delegation a couple years later.  In this way, many members of the congregation have heard of Witness for Peace and are sympathetic to Witness for Peace causes. 

Just before December, Serafina Youngdahl Lombardi came to speak about Witness for Peace and the congregation was invited to come listen to her story of her recent Mexico delegation.  Later that month, contributions received during the two Christmas Eve services were donated to Witness for Peace—MidAtlantic, in addition to the monthly envelope contributions.  Even though we are not a wealthy congregation, and despite the nation’s economic woes, the result was a very satisfying and generous donation to Witness for Peace--MidAtlantic,. 

The cause of justice and peace that Witness for Peace fights for is one no true Christian cannot support.  I encourage anyone who is seeking ways to support Witness for Peace’s work to consider inviting a speaker to your congregation, followed by a special offering to be donated to Witness for Peace--MidAtlantic.  People give generously when they have a personal understanding of and connection with an organization.  And if you haven’t gone on a delegation yet, GO NOW!  Then you’ll be inspired to be the speaker yourself!

If you are interested in having your faith community support WFP-MidAtlantic in this way, and/or would like a representative of the organization to speak to your faith community, please contact Ben Beachy at, 202-403-1752.

Robin Hoy has been a Witness for Peace member since the 1980’s.  She is an Elder at North and Southampton Reformed Church in Churchville, PA.   She is also active in the local, sustainable agriculture movement.