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Activities Update, Jan-Oct 2008

October 4th, 2008

Witness for Peace Southeast January-October 2008

Highlights of 2008:

  • The Pilgrimage for Justice and Peace March 16-21 focused on the Roots of Migration.A diverse group of people walked in Asheville, Morganton, Hickory, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Durham and Raleigh.We received excellent press coverage across the state and demonstrated to immigrants here that we stand in solidarity with them. We also enhanced Black/Brown unity and educated many people about the connection between Trade and Immigration.

  • Focus on empowering youth.Warren Wilson College sent 15 students to Guatemala, Mexico and the Border.They returned home to organize events on WW Campus.

  • Teen Delegation to Nicaragua July 14-27.Thirty teens traveled to Nicaragua from Lancaster, Cleveland, Oregon, North Carolina and Yuma, AZ. The teen delegation was strong this year.The group will have a reunion in Wash. DC October 16-18th.We will visit our US Senators and Representatives, to tell them what we learned about the impact of CAFTA and then ask them to vote NO on the Colombia Free Trade Agreement.

  • Media Work We have had many letters to the editor published this year focusing on the connection between immigration and trade.

  • CITCA Retreat – 26 Years of Solidarity Seventy people ranging in age from 15-80 will participate in the CITCA Retreat Oct. 10th & 11th.Dannette Sharpley will lead a workshop of how to block the Colombia free trade agreement.The Rev. Phil Wheaton will speak of the role of the Prophet in the Face of the Empire and Dr. Jeff Boyer will talk about the impact of CAFTA on small farmers in Nicaragua and Honduras.

Mexico Speaker’s Tour October 4-24, 2008 Marco Antonio Velasquez from REMALC will tour 5 states and 18 cities in Virginia, North and South Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee. Marco Antonio Velasquez Navarrete a Mexican sociologist from the Mexican Network for Action on Free Trade (REMALC).Marco Antonio has worked with the Network for Popular Education as well as the Urban Popular Movement in Mexico City.NAFTA has bankrupted over two million Mexican corn farmers and has caused a rapid increase in immigration into the United States.

“Roots of Migration” Delegation to Mexico for NC Policy Makers and Activists – Feb. 09 The idea is to combine people who work on immigration issues here in NC with people from the churches and other activists along with policy makers.There is great excitement about this delegation from African American, Hispanic, Labor and Immigrant Rights Groups. Sponsors

NCCC * NC NAACP * NC Justice Center * St Francis of Assisi Church * Immaculate Conception Church * Fairmont United Methodist Church * West Raleigh Presbyterian Church * Eno River Unitarian Fellowship * Center for Documentary Studies/Duke * Student Action with Farm Workers * Faith Action * National Farm Worker Ministry * Farm Worker Labor Organizing Committee –FLOC * Western Carolina Worker’s Center * NC Latino Coalition * AFSC * Southern Faith, Labor, and Community Alliance * Latin American Coalition * Aldelante Education Coalition of NC * American Friends Service Committee –AFSC