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How to Become a Delegation Coordinator

How to become a Delegation Coordinator:

WFP Delegation Coordinator Requirements

Skilled Delegation Coordinators (DCs) are crucial to the success of any Witness for Peace delegation.  DCs play several important roles in organizing, preparing and facilitating each delegation we have.  

Delegation Coordinators currently have five main areas of responsibility:
•    Delegation Promotion
•    Delegate Recruitment & Motivation
•    Delegate Screening
•    Communication with WFP staff, IT members, RCs and delegates
•    Group Facilitation

Based on these responsibilities, the following guidelines and requirements are used in selecting Delegation Coordinators:

1.    Witness for Peace experience: A DC should have participated in at least one   WFP delegation or led a delegation in Latin America with another organization.  For Colombia, a DC must have either participated in a WFP Colombia delegation or successfully led a WFP delegation to another country.
2.    Recruitment networks: A DC must have a defined network of contacts from which to recruit, e.g. religious community, labor union, activist network, campus, etc.
3.    Facilitation skills: A DC should have significant successful experience leading and facilitating discussion for groups of 10 or more people.
4.    Communications skills:  A DC should be willing and able to respond in a timely manner to requests from potential delegates, WFP staff and international team members.
5.    References:  A DC must provide at least 2 references who can speak to their ability to lead a delegation.  At least one reference should be a WFP staff, International Team Member, Regional Coordinator, or Board Member, if possible.

Selection Process

To be completed within 2 weeks of receiving a completed New DC Form
The WFP National Delegations Organizer (NDO) will send any new potential delegation coordinator the New DC Form to complete.  Once the NDO has received the completed form, s/he will have a phone conversation with the potential DC to further discuss the requirements listed above.  The NDO will then check with the references given to verify the DCs ability to successfully lead a delegation.  The NDO may consult additional WFP community members as well, including International Team members, Regional Coordinators, or others who have worked with or may know the potential DC.

Based on information gathered, the NDO may approve the potential DC, or decide to pair the DC with a co-coordinator for the delegation to ensure strong leadership and a full range of leadership skills for the delegation.  The NDO – based on the feedback and consultation – may decide that the potential DC would not be a suitable coordinator even with a co-coordinator.  In that event, the NDO will communicate that decision to the appropriate parties and work to find an alternative.

**If interested, contact Ken Crowley, National Delegations Coordinator:
(202) 547-6112 or