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Sample Press Release for Delegates (prior to delegation)

Sample Press Release for Delegates (pre-delegation)

Use this sample press release as a model to submit to your local news outlets.  Remember to call to follow up with the reporter after you send the release!

Pre-emptive Peace: Local Resident Will Travel to Colombia

Contact Information:
Your Name
Phone Number

In these difficult times of war and violence, it may seem crazy to leave the country at all, let alone voluntarily visit a war zone. Yet from ________(dates of delegation), that is exactly what local resident ________ (WFP delegate) will do when s/he travels with the grassroots organization Witness for Peace to Colombia.

_________ and 20 others will travel to war-torn Colombia, as part of a citizen documentation team to learn about U.S. foreign policy in a region that has fallen out of the headlines, but not out of U.S. strategic interest. In Colombia, __________ will meet with those affected by U.S. policies: government officials, community leaders, union representatives, farmers and businesspeople, women’s groups and peace organizations. The delegates will spend time in rural and urban settings, staying in family homes and getting to know the daily lives of their hosts. Through this contact they will learn how the policies of the United States affect the most vulnerable in Colombia, and hear ideas for changes.

________’s documentation team will also meet with U.S. embassy and consular officials in Colombia. They will voice the concerns, ideas and dreams of the local communities to policy makers, speaking truth to power.  

When ________ returns to the U.S., s/he will share what s/he has seen and heard to the community, media, and policymakers.  

This delegation is a model for “pre-emptive peace,” in the belief that learning about the root causes of conflicts and building relationships can do more to prevent war than military force. In an era of increasingly globalized markets, Witness for Peace works to globalize solidarity and human relationships. Since the 1980s, Witness for Peace has promoted social justice through human contact and education, recognizing that true peace cannot be bought with military force or economic pressure.

About the delegate:
Insert personal information about your background, reasons for going, more details about your visit, meetings you have set up with your Representatives or Senators, availability for press contact etc.  

About Witness for Peace:
Witness for Peace (WFP) is a 16,000 member nationwide politically independent, nonviolent grassroots organization dedicated to peace, justice and sustainable economies in the Americas.  Since 1983, more than 10,000 delegates have traveled to Latin America with WFP.