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Sample Delegation Itinerary


Understanding Free Trade’s Effects on the Mexican People

Day 1
Arrive in Mexico City
6:00pm        DINNER                         
7:30pm        Welcome and Introduction

Day 2
8:00am        BREAKFAST & Reflection
9:00am        Delegation Training
12:00pm      LUNCH and City Tour
3:30pm        Delegation Training (cont.)
7:30pm        DINNER

Day 3
8:00am        BREAKFAST & Reflection

10:00am      Meet with leading Human Rights organization to talk about human rights in                    Mexico.   
12:30pm      Meet with Mexican independent union representative to discuss the history                    of the Mexican labor movement.
2:00pm        LUNCH                       
4:00pm        Meet with a representative from a network of organizations mobilizing against                    the Security and Prosperity Partnership to discuss the impacts of NAFTA on                    Mexico.
6:30pm        Process & Connect the day’s meetings & Check-in
7:45pm        DINNER

Day 4
8:00am        BREAKFAST & Reflection
10:00am      Meet with contact from NGO working on women & labor issues to learn
                  about gender and the labor movement.
12:30pm      Meet with representative of a campesino (small farmer) organization who will
                  discuss the challenges facing small farmers.
2:30pm        LUNCH
4:30pm        Meet with a nongovernmental organization that promotes sustainable
                   agricultural techniques and projects to stem high migration from rural
6:00pm        Process & Connect the day’s meetings
7:30pm        DINNER

Day 5
8:00am        BREAKFAST & Reflection
10:00am      Meet with a university professor about labor and the maquila (assembly
                   factories for export) model for analysis of NAFTA after 15 years.
12:00pm      Process & Connect meeting 
1:30pm        LUNCH and Free Time            

Day 6
8:00am        BREAKFAST & Reflection
9:30am        Go to an organization that works with workers on labor violations.  Meet
                   with workers to hear about their current campaigns.
2:00pm        LUNCH
4:00pm        Meet to leave for rural community visit.
5:30pm        Arrive in the community, settle in and eat dinner with homestay families.

Day 7
8:00am        BREAKFAST with homestay families.
10:00am      Meet with community committee.
1:00pm        LUNCH
2:00pm        Accompany community members to their fields to learn about the
                  production of corn and techniques to reduce the dependence on chemical
                  fertilizers and pesticides.
4:00pm        Return to Mexico City
6:00pm        Process & Connect campo visit. Strategize for U.S. Embassy meeting.
8:00pm        DINNER & Reflection

Day 8
8:00am        BREAKFAST
10:00am      Meet with U.S. labor organization representative to learn about cross-border
organizing & bi-national solidarity actions.
12:00pm      LUNCH
2:00pm        Meet with representatives from the US Embassy to hear their perspectives
                   in the context of our week's experience.
6:00pm        Process & Connect day’s meetings, Check-in and Reflection.
7:00pm        DINNER

Day 9
8:00am        BREAKFAST
9:00am        Wrap-up & Action Planning:  Processing our experience in Mexico and
discussing what can we do in the United States to work for change upon

1:00pm        LUNCH
3:00pm        Free time
7:30pm        Final reflection and celebration dinner 

Day 10
                   Breakfast and Shuttles to airport