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Sample Letter to Congress for Returning Delegates

Letter from Supporters of a Witness for Peace Delegate to Our Members of Congress

Dear Representative/Senator (Insert his/her name here):

I am writing to urge you to oppose unfair trade agreements like the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), which is scheduled to be brought to Congress for a vote in 2005.  The NAFTA model, on which the FTAA will be based, has been a failure for working families in Mexico, Canada and the United States.  We should not expand a model throughout the Americas if it will continue to increase poverty throughout the hemisphere.

On ______(date), _____________ (WFP delegate) your constituent, traveled with Witness for Peace to Mexico to learn about the impacts of NAFTA in Mexico and alternative trade policies that could be developed by the U.S. instead of the current “free trade” model.  Witness for Peace has been working for twenty years to develop U.S. policies in Latin America that promote economic, social and political justice.

On _______ (date of congressional appt.), _______________will have a meeting  to talk to you and your colleagues about what he/she learned in Mexico and to ask that you oppose Free Trade Area of the Americas and other unfair trade agreements.  I urge you to take the time to meet with him/her and to learn first hand about the impact that U.S. trade agreements have had on the people of Mexico.

The US government’s support and resources could go a long way to support fair trade agreements with Mexico if they are used to create living wage jobs, protect the environment and promote sustainable development.  I urge you to oppose FTAA and continue to advocate for policies that do not increase poverty and inequality and violate workers’ rights but rather create the necessary steps towards improving the living conditions for Mexicans.