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About the Mid-Atlantic Region

Witness for Peace Mid-Atlantic is a grassroots regional organization dedicated to transforming the US policies that thwart justice and peace in Latin America. The region includes New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Washington, DC. We, like national Witness for Peace, are politically independent, committed to nonviolence and led by faith and conscience.

We aim to broaden and deepen awareness in the Mid-Atlantic of how US economic, military, and corporate policies concretely impact the people of Latin America. Using the power of firsthand education, we bring Mid-Atlantic people to Latin America on transformative delegations and bring Latin American speakers to the Mid-Atlantic on truth-telling tours. In addition, we publish newsletters, host teach-ins and organize annual retreats.

We then aim to mobilize the Mid-Atlantic to speak and act for change in those US policies that perpetuate the cycle of military and economic violence in Latin America.  Through vigils, letters to the editor, lobbying drives, and direct action, we act on behalf of, and in conjunction with, our Latin American partners clamoring for justice.

Mid-Atlantic Steering Committee

Julia Graff, Chair
Washington, DC

New York:                                                                 Pennsylvania

Gil Ortiz, Treasurer                                                     Andy Mills, Vice Chair
Brooklyn, NY                                                             Lower Gwynedd, PA                                     

Tom F. Driver                                                             Serafina Youngdahl, Secretary New York, NY                                                           Glenmoore, PA                                           

Nancy Gwin                                                                Barry Stoner
Syracuse, NY                                                              Elizabethtown, PA                                         

Lauren Dasse                                                               Lawrence R. McCarty
Queens, NY                                                                 Fort Washington, PA                                          

Lenore McGarry                                                          Ray Torres
Ithaca, NY                                                                   Philadelphia, PA                                  


Francisco Acosta
Wheaton, MD