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Additional Resources on Nicaragua

News/ Analysis

  • Envio: A Nicaraguan journal in both English and Spanish that provides analysis of Nicaragua and Central America’s political, social and economic realities.
  • Nica Net: A project of the Alliance for Global Justice that provides weekly news bulletins of current events in Nicaragua.
  • North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA): Provides regional analysis of Latin America with a focus on its relationship with the U.S.
Spanish Language Media
Nicaraguan Civil Society Groups
U.S. Solidarity Groups
  • From Witness for Peace Productions, Nicaraguan Women's Stories of Migration:  Two documentary shorts that explore why women are forced to migrate from Nicaragua and what happens to families left behind.
  • Food Security and U.S. Foreign Policy: A short two-part documentary on food insecurity created by Mike Nuess, a Witness for Peace delegate to Nicaragua.
  • Casa Ben Linder Youtube Channel: Each week Casa Ben Linder organizes Nicaraguan experts to share their knowledge and experience, with translation for English speakers. Topics range from economics, politics, farming, local sustainable development projects, documentary films, with a strong emphasis U.S. policy in Nicaragua. The weekly talks are filmed and available online.
  • Bananas!  A documentary on the lawsuit against Dole for using a deadly chemical on their banana plantations in Nicaragua.