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I'm getting on the plane--A letter from John Walsh

Dear Friends,

Today I am getting on a plane to do what 15,000 others have done over the past 30 years...join a Witness for Peace delegation to stand with people seeking justice.

As a part of Witness for Peace's 30th anniversary commemoration, I am traveling to Honduras--where there is a human rights crisis--and Nicaragua--where WFP began its work 30 years ago--to document human rights abuses and the consequences of U.S. military aid and free trade policies.

I am honored to join this important Witness for Peace delegation and stand with Central American human rights activists. I am honored to be a Witness for Peace board member, but more importantly, I am honored to support the crucial work of this amazing organization.

I would like to ask you to join us, even though you will not be with us in Central America, by making a donation of $30, or whatever you can afford, to commemorate WFP's 30 years of work for peace, justice and sustainable economies. Or consider making a monthly contribution of as little as $5 each month to make your donation go even further.

In 1983, Witness for Peace began a project few thought would succeed: send ordinary individuals into Nicaragua’s war zones to provide protective accompaniment to people being attacked by the U.S.-backed Contra paramilitaries and to document the human rights situation in order to educate the U.S. public and defund Reagan’s war.

Since then WFP’s work has expanded to economic and military war zones around Latin America. Please take a minute to read a short history of WFP’s work and you’ll see why I believe this is an organization that deserves our support.

As someone who works the graveyard shift and serves as a union shop steward, I know that it is harder than ever to make ends meet in this economy. But I also know that workers, farmers, community organizers and human rights activists count on Witness for Peace to stand with them in their hour of need. 

As I get set to board my plane to stand with Hondurans and Nicaraguans—as so many WFP delegates have done before—will you join me in supporting Witness for Peace with a contribution of $30?

Thank you for believing in a world where peace, justice and sustainable economies are dreams worth fighting for.

In solidarity and peace,

John Walsh
Witness for Peace supporter and board member from Portland, OR

P.S. Look for pictures from our delegation to Honduras and Nicaragua on the WFP Facebook page and Twitter feed in the next couple of days. And don’t forget to make your donation to WFP today!