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Press release--Activists to deliver 76,000 petitions to GM headquarters


CONTACTS:    Jess Hunter-Bowman     Jorge Parra (Spanish)    Kaytee Riek
                          Witness for Peace          ASOTRECOL     
                          202-664-6744                313-289-3344                267-334-6984

*** Event Begins at General Motors Headquarters at 3:30pm, January 23, 2013***

76,000 GM Customers and Rights Activists Call for a Just Settlement for Injured Workers

Injured Colombian Worker and Supporters Deliver Petition to GM

Jorge Parra, the president of the Association of Injured Workers and Ex-Workers of General Motors Colmotores (ASOTRECOL) and supporters delivered a petition to General Motors signed by 76,000 people calling on the company to return to the negotiating table and offer fair restitution to injured Colombian workers.

"As GM's customers and potential customers around the world, we are appalled that GM is refusing to protect its workers," said Kaytee Riek, Campaign Manager of, a global corporate accountability watchdog. "That's why we are standing in solidarity with those workers, like Jorge Parra and other members of ASOTRECOL, who just want to support their families and to make sure no other workers will be injured and discarded like they were."

The members of ASOTRECOL were fired from a General Motors plant in Colombia after suffering injuries and illnesses on the assembly line, leaving them without workers’ compensation, medical coverage, or job prospects to support their families. For over 500 days, ASOTRECOL has maintained an encampment outside the U.S. embassy in Bogotá. ASOTRECOL President Jorge Parra has been on hunger strike since November 20th, 2012 to protest GM’s refusal to negotiate with the workers.

“These Colombian workers have been waiting far too long for a just settlement and have endured too much pain and suffering,” said Jess Hunter-Bowman, Associate Director of the human rights group Witness for Peace. “More and more people are learning about GM’s actions in its Bogota assembly plant every day and when they do, they are appalled.”

WHAT: Official delivery of petition to General Motors calling on the           company to return to the negotiating table and offer fair restitution to injured Colombian workers.
WHO: Injured Colombian GM worker and supporters
General Motors International Headquarters
300 Renaissance Center, Detroit, MI 48243
WHEN: 3:30pm, January 23, 2013

Watch a video about this case at

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