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Standing with Striking GM Workers on International Human Rights Day!

“Our lives have been left in ruins by GM. We were fired due to work-place injuries and offered no severance, no workers' compensation insurance and the company lied about the reason for our dismissal.”
           --Jorge Parra, injured GM worker

A group of injured Colombian workers on hunger strike who were wrongfully fired by GM due to workplace injuries have called on people across the country to take action to demand justice from GM.

I call on GM to meet (the workers') just demands...I hope you will join me in supporting these workers.
      --Noam Chomsky

Commemorate International Human Rights Day by Standing up for Worker Justice!

Last year the workers began an ongoing protest outside of the U.S. Embassy in Bogota. After almost 500 days without justice, despite mediation attempts, some workers began a hunger strike by sewing their mouths shut on Nov. 20. They need justice now and you can help!

Click here to get background information on this case and to watch a short video about the workers.

These workers urgently need your help to ensure that GM returns to the negotiating table, this time with an offer in hand that meets their simple demands: just compensation for their workplace injuries and reintegration into GM’s workforce or an acceptable financial settlement.

Here's how you can stand up for workers' rights on Dec 10:

  1. Join the fast! Wherever you are, fast with the GM workers for all or part of the day as they continue their hunger strike. United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 140 member and former president Melvin Thompson has also been fasting since Nov 20. Sign up for the fast here. On the day of the fast, make a sign, take a picture of yourself with it and post it to GM's Facebook page with a note calling for justice for Colombian GM workers and/or send it to

  2. Join the social media campaign! Post pictures, comments and calls for justice on GM's Facebook page. Let's fill their page with the voices of the workers! Here's a simple sample message to post: Make it right, GM. Negotiate a just settlement with Colombian GM workers NOW.

  3. Send a letter to GM, Congress, the Department of Labor and the U.S. Ambassador in Colombia urging them to immediately take action to resolve this situation. Click here to send your message today.

  4. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook to get important updates about the GM case and our action plans.