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Thank you for all you do for justice in our world!

Dear Friends,

I want to tell you how deeply humbled I am by all you have done to support Witness for Peace's work forwarding peace, justice and sustainable economies in the Americas.

You stood up for human rights activists when they were under attack. You raised your voice, telling General Motors it must do right by injured workers. You told policymakers we need fair trade, not free trade. You demanded immigrants' rights be respected. You insisted Washington reform its approach to drug policy. You called out presente! as the names of the victims of SOA graduates were read out at Ft. Benning last weekend.

And despite economic challenges, you have given generously to support our work to bring a new day to Latin America.

Wow. You've been busy.

And for all that and more, I am grateful to you. Your witness for peace is an inspiration to me.

I look forward to continuing our partnership

In gratitude,

Sharon Hostetler
Executive Director