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Note of gratitude from Jorge Parra

Jorge Parra, President of ASOTRECOL, the association of injured GM workers, wrote this note of gratitude to people who took part in solidarity activities on 9/17.

Brothers and sisters in the struggle:

It is for us an enormous blessing to count on your support. We never thought that our simple struggle would result in such a beautiful show of solidarity. It definitely unites our wish for the same cause of justice that you desire in your beautiful country.

I feel truly moved and grateful for such great commitment and affection demonstrated towards us and our families. As you know, we are just Colombian workers, but with the firm conviction to fight for and defend our rights. In the end, we are workers like you, and today we unite in the same world in a single call for justice and for GM to do what is right.

Although we are not physically with you today, our hearts and our prayers are with you. On behalf of ASOTRECOL and our families, thank you very much.

Jorge Parra
President of ASOTRECOL