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Partial list of people fasting in solidarity with GM workers

On 9/17 over 100 people fasted in solidarity with Colombian GM workers on hunger strike. Below is a partial list of fasters. If your name or affiliation is missing or incorrect, email

The Rev. James Moos
Executive Minister of Wider Church Ministries
United Church of Christ

Rev. Andre Gingerich Stoner
Director of Holistic Witness and Interchurch Relations
Mennonite Church USA

Rose Berger
Associate Editor
Sojourners Magazine

Sharon Hostetler
Executive Director
Witness for Peace

Lisa Haugaard
Executive Director
Latin America Working Group

The Rev. Dr. Walter John Boris
Central Pacific Conference Minister
United Church of Christ

Fr. Thomas Long

Nine Sisters of Providence

Rev. Dr. Davida Foy Crabtree
UCC ordained minister

Rev. Dr. Jerry Foltz
UCC ordained minister 

Rev. Andrew Schwiebert
(a)Spire Ministry

Rev. Janice Sutter
Kern Road Mennonite Church

Rev. Michael Joseph
Global Ministries Missionary to Colombia

Jess Hunter-Bowman
Associate Director
Witness for Peace

Omar Martinez
Latin America Working Group

Isaac Beachy
Fast Coordinator

Bethany Carson
Centre College

Elise Roberts
Witness for Peace, Upper Mid-west

Dannette Sharpley
Witness for Peace National Board

Kristen Wassil
Witness for Peace, Southeast

Amy Truax
Witness for Peace, Northwest

Jeanine Legato
Witness for Peace, Colombia

Austin Robles
Witness for Peace, Colombia

Jessye Weinstein
Witness for Peace, Colombia

Alice Foltz
Wellspring UCC