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Statement by Bishop Gumbleton in support of Colombian GM workers

The Colombian GM workers asking for justice have commanded my attention and concern. As they have embarked on their dramatic hunger strike, I have been powerfully moved by the depth of their commitment. With it they embody Jesus' beatitude, "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice. They shall be satisfied."

Whether in the U.S. or overseas, when General Motors contracts workers, they legally and morally agree to treat their workers in a decent and humane fashion. They dignity of the human person requires no less. General Motors needs to end this dispute and provide just compensation to those whose work has built their vehicles. I implore GM to take action to restart good faith negotiations with the ASOTRECOL workers. In doing so, they can affirm the dignity of labor and the responsibility of employers to be just and humane with those who work for them.

Bishop Thomas Gumbleton