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Statement by the United Church of Christ in support of Colombian GM workers

We stand in solidarity with the association of injured General Motors workers in Colombia (ASOTRECOL) who are hunger striking in protest of unfair labor practices. Injured on the job, fired because of their injuries and left unemployable and unable to support their families, these workers are entitled to fair and just compensation. We appreciate the efforts of mediators of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service and the U.S. Ambassador in Colombia who have supported the mediation process. Unfortunately, this process ended without producing justice for the injured workers. We also applaud the efforts of international partners who stand with ASOTRECOL. General Motors has the responsibility to provide a safe environment for all of its workers and, in the event of an injury, just compensation. As a global company General Motors must be held accountable for violations of fair labor practices whether those violations occur in the developing world or the United States. We call upon General Motors to resume good-faith talks with the ASOTRECOL in order to reach a just settlement. We also ask those who stand in solidarity with the hunger strikers to consider fasting on Monday, September 17, or an alternate day.

The Collegium of Officers of the United Church of Christ

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