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Colombian workers from GM plant continue hunger strike outside US embassy

by Dorian MerinaFree Speech Radio News

Witness for Peace's Austin Robles spoke to Free Speech Radio News about the hunger-striking dismissed Colombian GM workers. Click here to hear the story.

In Bogota, Colombia workers from a General Motors plant continue their protest outside the US Embassy. Thirteen current and former workers from GM’s Colmotores plant, launched a hunger strike earlier this month after camping out outside the Embassy for a year. Some have also sewn their mouths shut. The workers say they were dismissed from the factory after being injured on the job. GM denies the claims and says no worker has been dismissed due to health reasons. Colombia remains a dangerous place for workers and labor leaders. More than 200 trade unionists have been killed from 2007 to the beginning of this year, according to international union figures. Seven have been murdered in just the past six weeks, according to UNITE UK. Despite this the US has gone forward with a Free Trade Agreement with Colombia. Both governments have pledged to protect labor rights.For more we go to Bogota to speak with Austin Robles. He’s with the group Witness for Peace and is at the site of the striking workers.

For the full story, please click here.