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Honduras Solidarity Action Toolkit and Resources

June 2012 marked the three year anniversary of the Honduran coup. Over those three years, the Honduran people have endured unacceptable levels of political repression. Since the coup, there have been over 300 political assassinations, including over 70 members of the LGBT community, 60 campesinos from the Aguan Region, 18 journalists (the highest rate in the world) and dozens of leaders of the Honduran Resistance Movement (FNRP).

Witness for Peace has created a Honduras Solidarity Action Toolkit, filled with useful resources and information, to help you organize solidarity actions in your community.

Download the Toolkit now:

The Toolkit includes:

Background and Resource List on Honduras

Coup Timeline

CARSI/Drug War Fact Sheet

List of Assassinations

Sample Script for Contacting Congress

Sample Letter to the Editor

Contact your Regional Organizer or the National Grassroots Organizer for assistance or to get involved.