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A Message from Sharon -- May 2012

Honduras is on my mind. In the midst of a mushrooming human rights crisis and rampant impunity the U.S. responds with military aid under the guise of fighting the “War on Drugs”. When will our government get it right?

Only when enough of us demand a change. In March many of you called your representatives asking them to sign a letter to Secretary of State Clinton demanding that the U.S. stop the flow of military aid to Honduras. Thanks to your pressure 94 representatives signed the strongly worded letter.

We must do much more. Witness for Peace has heard the call from our Honduran partners to accompany them as they seek justice. In July we will place an international team member in Honduras in coordination with the Honduras Accompaniment Project to document the impact of military aid and pressure our government to stop supporting a military that abuses the rights of its citizens. We will take U.S. citizens to Honduras to witness the impact of U.S. policy there. I hope you will join us.

Thanks to all of you who participated in the successful Days of Action for Colombia. Your voices calling on the President and Congress to stop funding the Colombian military and instead support aid for the displaced were heard loud and clear.

I recently visited our program in southern Mexico. U.S. free trade and economic policies are still driving farmers off their land, forcing them to migrate in search of opportunities for survival. Read a recent delegate’s inspiring testimony about a delegation to Mexico. See what he says about safety and security while in Mexico.I hope you will join us in our efforts to work for peace justice and sustainable economies.

In solidarity,

Sharon Hostetler
Executive Director