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Set the record straight on Obama's trip to Colombia

As you know, President Obama was recently in Colombia for the Summit of the Americas. While there, he got an earful from Latin American leaders about the failure of Washington's drug war, which has failed to reduce drug production or drug trafficking while leading to terrible human rights abuses.

He also announced that the U.S.-Colombia free trade agreement, on hold for years due to serious labor and human rights concerns, will be implemented starting May 15.

And he chose to completely ignore the human rights crisis in Colombia.

Can you help us set the record straight by sending a letter to the editor of your local paper? It only takes a minute. We've got three for you to choose from. You can decide which you would like to send to your paper:

  • Click here to send a letter calling for a new approach to drug policy, one that will demilitarize our policy in Latin America and focus on proven harm reduction measures at home.

  • Click here to send a letter pointing out the negative impacts of free trade and the labor rights violations in Colombia.

  • Click here to send a letter highlighting the human rights abuses in Colombia and U.S. support for Colombia's war.
The links above will take you to sample letters that you can send with just a few clicks. You can also fully customize the letters to make them your own, using the power of our online action center.

Make sure to check out our Facebook page, as we will post any published letters to the editor we find. If you don't see yours, post it yourself so the rest of us can see it!

Thanks for taking a minute to set the record straight and for all you do for justice in our world!